Geoffrey Oelsner

A Country Where All Colors Are Sacred And Alive

A Memoir of Non-Ordinary Experience and Collaboration with Nature

This memoir is an account of Geoffrey Oelsner's continuing education with experiences that defy rational explanation, but point toward a more holistic, interconnected Reality than we normally perceive. It sets forth a vision of our intimate relationship with Nature, and offers scientific evidence as well as personal anecdotes to support the thesis that we can influence the natural world positively through attunement, meditation, prayer, intention, loving presence, mindful ritual, celebration, song, dance, and other expressions of joyful creativity.

Geoffrey Oelsner has been actively addressing community health and environmental issues for thirty-five years, as a community organizer in Georgia and Arkansas; while engaged with others in anti-nuclear research and activism; as co-author of a book about natural forms of radiation protection; and most recently working to alert the public and public health officials to the environmental hazards of "fracking" for subterranean natural gas deposits. He is convinced that we can help sustain and restore environmental harmony through our loving interactions with the natural world in a way that complements such necessary and important political work.

168 pages.

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