Robert Anderson, M.D.

Stories of Healing: A Family Doctor's Journal

"This book is a treasure which needs to be read by everyone so that they understand our potential and self empowerment abilities when confronting illness and the health care system. Healing and survival are due not to miracles or spontaneous remissions but to self-induced healing. When patients do well they always have a story to tell about their lifestyle changes and their bodys response to a new life filled with love and joy.

In the future we will be studying the healing energy potential in each of us as our minds open and we accept experience as our teacher and medical professionals stop refusing to accept what they cannot explain. Wounds heal and diseases are overcome by the wisdom of our bodies.

Doctors need to teach patients how to exceed expectations; this book makes it clear what is possible when we assume responsibility and participate in our care and stop being submissive, suffering patients."

Quote by Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, Peace, Love & Healing and Faith, Hope & Healing

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