Ruth Codier Resch, PhD

Without Utterance:
Tales from the Other Side of Language

The catastrophe of losing language is told by a lover of observation willing to dig deep into essential memories of self. The author tells the tender, sometimes horrifying present lived without language, visions of an uncertain future, and unexpected creativity from the chaos. To speak at all was to locate the fewest words to express anything. Returning to language and writing the author uses spare sensory language in vivid touching ways to evoke her experiences for the reader. Non-verbal languages are surprising and transformative parts of her journey through art, music, body practices, and mysticism.

These Tales are for anyone who loves a journey, stories that incite the imagination, to experience the unthinkable. These are Tales for those have calamitous chaotic events and illnesses in their lives who yearn to see affirmation that life is, in fact, possible, with possibilities not dreamed, despite circumstances.

Starseed Publications. with Forewords by David Spangler and others. Audio versions of the book are available through and

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