David Spangler:
Subtle Worlds

Subtle Worlds: An Explorer's Field Notes

This amazing book chronicles sixty plus years of a modern mystic's experience of the subtle worlds of spirit. Taking the attitude of a field biologist, David Spangler shares his rich experience and wisdom gleaned from encountering Angels, post-mortem realms, Spiritual Forces, Inner Mentors, Elementals, and other inhabitants of our natural "second ecology". He makes the case that for humanity to be healthy and whole and able to meet the global challenges before us, we need to appreciate and engage these rich and fascinating "energyā€¯ environments and the potential allies who live within them. The pages are chock full of interesting stories and anecdotes of the unseen Beings which share our planetary and spiritual life.

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Working with Subtle Energies

This book is the second in a trilogy of books describing David's insights and experiences with the non-physical dimensions of the Earth. Subtle Worlds: An Explorer's Field Notes provides an overview of these non-physical dimensions. The third book will be about how to safely engage and work with subtle beings. This book covers the middle ground. It is neither an overview nor is it about subtle beings themselves. It is about subtle energies, qualities and forces that fill the non-physical world the way sunlight fills the physical air around us. It is about energy hygiene, methods and techniques for working with these non-physical forces. 252 pages with 39 color illustrations.

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Apprenticed To Spirit

For as long as he can remember, David Spangler has been physically aware of a spiritual world existing alongside this one. In 1965, David left college to follow an inner spiritual calling and encountered an extraordinary presence, which he named "John". Over the next quarter-century John would assist David in exploring the "inner worlds" of the spirit, and would tutor him in some of the most basic mysteries of life and the nature of the human spirit. David recounts how John showed him the way to develop a spiritual intelligence and how to integrate it into everyday life. David learned to think with his soul and embarked on the apprenticeship to understanding the sacredness of our world and of the realms beyond ours - a journey that continues to this day. Publisher is Riverhead Books.

World Work

This textbook is a basic introduction to Inner Service or "World Work." It originates from an online class of the same name and includes several exercises designed to develop the capacity to work with the inner worlds. Through adding our energies to inner and outer forces of change in the world we are called to use our own incarnational abilities to partner with human and spiritual forces that we might honor, bless, and empower the world we live in. This is a unique call, that does not push away the world we live in, but pushes us to fully participate in and enhance the universal and sacred spirit of Incarnation itself.

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