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Dorothy Maclean is a co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, whose world renown experimental garden was developed based on her attunements to the essential intelligence of nature.  You are invited to connect with her pioneering work in attunement and cooperation by exploring the pages of this website, by reading one of her books and by deepening your own attunement and connection through a self study module based on Dorothy’s talks and workshop exercises.

Dorothy Maclean is one of the three founders of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.   Following her first experience of inner contact with the Divine in 1954, Dorothy began a regular practice of meditation to connect with the God within.  She had eight years of making this inner contact before settling at Findhorn in 1962, with Peter and Eileen Caddy. They did not intend to start a community, but as they attempted to live according to their understanding of God’s love and put that love into practical, daily action in their lives, others joined them and a community grew and thrived.  

In 1963, soon after arriving in the Findhorn, Dorothy was asked from within to attune with the devic or angelic realms that over-light all aspects of existence. Her subsequent connection to this inner aspect of nature led to a cooperation and partnership that helped Findhorn’s legendary gardens to bloom out of the sand dunes of Northern Scotland.  In her collaboration with the devas, Dorothy came to understand that there is a vast intelligence of nature with which humans can co-operate and co-create for the benefit of the planet.  

Dorothy left Findhorn in 1973 and helped to start an educational initiative in the US called the Lorian Association.  Returning to her homeland in Canada, she established a base for herself and began traveling the world teaching and lecturing, helping others to contact their God Within and connect with the intelligence of nature. (Register for a self-study module with the link above)  

Dorothy retired from public life in 2010 and is now again living in Findhorn. This website offers an opportunity to learn more of Dorothy’s work.

Books by Dorothy Maclean (click on the link above to go to Bookstore)  

You may read more of Dorothy’s experiences in the early days of Findhorn in her book, “To Hear the Angels Sing.” “Call of the Trees” with messages from the Tree devas and “Seeds of Inspiration” with messages of flowers offer further inspiration from the nature kingdom.  “Come Closer” includes her delightful early messages from the God Within and “Wisdoms” includes later messages. Dorothy’s autobiography, “Memoirs of an Everyday Mystic” will soon be published.  See the Lorian.org bookstore for other publications.
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Messages from the God Within - Dorothy Maclean