The New Troubadours

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The Vintage Best of The New Troubadours CD

The New Troubadours was a musical band formed by David Spangler and his friends during their days in Findhorn, Scotland.  These beautiful and varied recordings, made in the 1970s, capture the spirit and creativity of those times, and are resonant with the spiritual values that accompanied the birth of Lorian.  Specially compiled by our friend Mike Scott, this 16-song compilation features all the best loved New Troubadours songs for the first time ever on CD, all original recordings by the classic line up of David Spangler and Kathi Lightstone (lead vocals), Milenko Matanovic (guitar), Lark Batteau (guitar, vocals), Jewels Manchester (vocals) and Jim Bronson (double bass). Linda Bunce is also singing second from left in the photo above.  This collection will be treasured by anyone who has ever enjoyed the songs of The New Troubadours, or who wishes to experience the early Lorian philosophy in musical form.


1. In My Name
2. Change Can Come
3. The Love Affirmation
4. Pan And Jesus
5. Love One Another
6. Let New Worlds Grow
7. Free
8. In The Beginning
9. Canticle
10. Where There Is A Will
11. Happy Song
12. I Dreamed A Dream
13. The River
14. Winds Of Birth
15. Song Of The Avatars
16. Festival Of Light

New Troubs - Track 1

New Troubs - Track 1