Caitlin Matthews

Diary of a Soul Doctor
from the Ashington Casebooks compiled by Dr. Jack Rivers

Diary of a Soul Doctor opens up a new genre of mystery fiction in which the soul is the battlefield and metaphysics the weapon of choice.

Just as the cases of Sherlock Holmes are presented through the pen of Dr. Watson, so too, the cases of the Soul Doctor come to us through the diaries of Jack Rivers, Ash's assistant. Set in Southern England in the recent past, come to the sanctuary of the Beacon, and discover how the lost art of soul-healing is applied.

The Soul Doctor of this series of ten interlinked stories is Richard Ashington. Known to everyone as Ash, he is a healer and psychologist with a magical background. Calling upon a wide range of esoteric skills to track down and heal the cause of baffling conditions and mysterious situations, with his dependable, and sometimes skeptical assistant, Jack Rivers, Ash investigates cases that have baffled doctors, defying diagnosis or detection. His cases, annotated and compiled in the diaries of Rivers, explore how the ancient past stirs once again to disrupt the present, how re-incarnational bonds defy modern conventions, how supernatural happenings create fear and disquiet, and why unchecked evils spread their miasma into ordinary lives. 270 pages. Starseed Publications

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