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Lorian Press is a private, for profit business which publishes works approved by the Lorian Association. 

The Lorian Association is a not-for-profit educational organization. Its work is to help people bring the joy, healing, and blessing of their personal spirituality into their everyday lives. This spirituality unfolds out of their unique lives and relationships to Spirit, by whatever name or in whatever form that Spirit is recognized.

The Call by David Spangler

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my life about?

These are the questions that have shaped philosophy religion, and human civilization as a whole. They are also the questions we use to shape and measure our own individual lives. And in the uncertainty of the present, we struggle perhaps more than ever before. There is opportunity but also discouragement. We yearn for an interior sense of direction, we listen for a call.

In this fascinating discussion, David Spangler presents fresh insights about what motivates us, inspires us, transforms us, and sustains us. He examines the impulses behind what we choose to value in lifeā€”the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual framework within which we conduct ourselves.

For thinkers, seekers, and anyone looking for the courage simply to be themselves, The Call offers gently provocative thoughts on the content and character of our destiny.

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