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Lorian Press LLC is a private, for profit business which publishes works approved by the Lorian Association. Starseed is an imprint of Lorian Press LLC.

The Lorian Association is a not-for-profit educational organization. Its work is to help people bring the joy, healing, and blessing of their personal spirituality into their everyday lives. This spirituality unfolds out of their unique lives and relationships to Spirit, by whatever name or in whatever form that Spirit is recognized.

Journey Into Fire

This book is an introduction to the core message of Incarnational Spirituality: "We are born into this world not as exiles from our 'true home', not as students seeking to learn and then graduate to a better place, not as debtors working to pay off past obligations, but as generative sources of life, Light, and sacredness. We come in love to be caretakers and partners with the world to help foster her life. We come carrying a sacred flame within us to kindle the sacred potentials within the world. Discovering and sharing this inner Flame is our Journey into Fire. It's what Incarnational Spirituality is all about."

David Spangler, Author and Spiritual Teacher.

Color interior and cover - 132 pages.

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