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Elizabeth Fowler

Elizabeth C. Fowler

is a physician, leadership and life coach, spiritual director, and blogger ( She is a devoted mother of two, and a doting grandmother who is proud to be called “Gaga Lisbeth.” She resides in lovely Seattle and still longs for tropical beaches.

Lonely Refugee:
A Hungarian Australian American Memoir

How would it be to grow up feeling separate, a Hungarian outsider in Australia, only to be uprooted as a teenager to start all over again in Seattle? Follow Fowler on her journey growing up in a large, traumatized Hungarian refugee family in mid-20th century Sydney. See how she found consolation in her love of music and the Australian landscape.

The stability she built for herself in Sydney crumbled when, as a teenager, her family immigrated again, this time to the United States. At nineteen, she wed a physician, unwittingly carrying her unhealthy family dynamics into the marriage. She became even more entangled when she embarked on her own all-consuming medical career.

Pregnant with her first child, she vowed to free her family from the cycle of neglect and isolation she had experienced. Seeking help for the first time from counselors, teachers, and friends, she was able to find mature love, rewarding work and spiritual solace.

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