The Sidhe

The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld

This fascinating book by John traces his connection and conversation with a "Faery" or member of the Sidhe community. It is full of wisdom and interesting detail about this "cousin" of humanity. It includes six exercises and a tool of alignment with these beings called the Great Glyph. 120 pages plus Preface. Paperback version 5.5"X8.5"


Card Deck of the Sidhe

In 2011, both David Spangler and Jeremy Berg experienced independent but related contacts with a group of Sidhe. These Sidhe were interested in promoting closer contact and collaboration with humanity. Led by a Sidhe named Mariel, this contact resulted in the creation of the Card Deck of the Sidhe. This deck is a part of the ongoing exploration and collaboration with the Sidhe, as they seek to have a greater partnership with humanity in the twenty-first century. This original, beautifully illustrated Card Deck of the Sidhe is composed of 33 full color, premium 3.5"X5" cards which come in a fabric carrying pouch. Included is a 188 page printed manual outlining the storytelling, meditative, and oracular uses of the cards. Also available is a 22 card extension deck and full, extended manual. Art by Jeremy Berg.


The Moon Oracle of the Sidhe

John Matthews book The Sidhe is a landmark. These ancient "cousins" of humanity come to help us at a time of planetary challenge and rebirth. Now, aided by the exquisitely evocative art of Will Kinghan, John has produced a new landmark. The Moon Oracle of the Sidhe is a 3"X4.5" card deck of 29 and 80 page manual rich with insights and hands-on possibilities. It is an outstanding contribution to the collaboration between the Sidhe and human beings, with all the promise this collaboration can bring for the betterment of our world. This can also be purchased with just the card deck and a PDF ebook manual for $14.95

Card Deck + Manual

Conversations with the Sidhe

This book is based on a series of conversations between the Sidhe and David Spangler. It offers a fresh vision of the "Faery worlds" and invites the reader into a new relationship with these "People of Peace". Unfolding within these pages is a remarkable record of communication with the "Shining Ones", our ancient kin. It is filled with wonder, exercises, methods of contact and practical wisdom. The interior of the book is printed in color. 180 pages.

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Engaging with the Sidhe: Further Conversations

As more people have been using the Card Deck of the Sidhe or have read about the Sidhe, David has gotten many inquiries about what it means to engage with these beings. How can they help us? How can we help them? What does it mean to work with the Sidhe in our daily lives? How can we contact them? And, of course, there is always a curiosity about who they are and how they live. These are questions that David had as well. During the years since Conversations with the Sidhe was published, he continued to have contact with Mariel. This book is a compilation of the further conversations between Mariel and David on a variety of topics.122 Pages

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A Midsummers Journey with the Sidhe

This FULL COLOR book is a magical journey into the realms of the Sidhe, the graceful "People of Peace" who are the overlords of the Faery Kingdoms. With beautiful full-colored illustrations by Jeremy Berg and text by David Spangler, author of Apprenticed to Spirit and Subtle Worlds , this is a journey not only into a mystical realm but also into the potentials of the human spirit and the possibilities of a new consciousness within humanity. This book contains 90 pages

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The Wild Alliance: Awakening Your Inner Angel and Sidhe

In this book Søren Hauge writes eloquently and forcefully about our natural human allies, the angels and the Sidhe. He offers not only a vision of who and what they are but practical suggestions on how we can meet them in the proffered possibilities of partnership, finding in the process the angel and the Sidhe within our own nature. 132 pages

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Awakening To Home:
A Partnership of Sidhe, Star and Stone

Anne Gambling lives her life on a pilgrimage for Love – in movement and in stillness, alone or with company – and, as a writer, relishes the opportunity to document the journey in text, whether as contemplative essay, prose fiction, poetry, song or mantra, all of which are included in her new 268 page volume.

"I just read Anne Gambling’s Awakening to Home. It’s a wonderful example of deep inner work and exploration in engagement with the subtle worlds, in using the Card Deck of the Sidhe, my book Conversations with the Sidhe, and other Sidhe material. Anne's book requires the reader's close attention and dedication. For those who are willing to spend the time and effort, their awareness and partnership with the Sidhe will be enhanced." David Spangler

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