Lee Irwin

Alchemy of Soul

This interesting book teaches the ancient truth of alchemical liberation, by which each of us can overcome the dehumanizing forces all around us and grow into the full-bodied, open-minded, spiritually joyful beings we all have the potential to become. 284 pages

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Meditations on Christ

The origin of this book came in a visionary encounter for Lee Irwin. Meditations on Christ is a book about the Hermetic Christ, not the Christ of traditional Christianity, not the Christ of the Church, nor the Christ of the conventional faith of Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or Protestant teachings. And yet, it is a book about a Christ of all those traditions and faiths; it is about an Inner Christ, the emblematic, alchemical Christ of the transfiguration, a mystical Christ of resurrection and rebirth. The Hermetic Christ is traceable to the very origins of Christianity and precedes those origins by many generations. It is a Christ reborn through a synthesis of multiple traditions, diverse ideas, and a mystical weaving of old patterns with new emergence spiritual realizations. The Hermetic Christ is not an idea but an experience; not an abstraction but an encounter; not simply imagined, but a direct visionary knowing. And this knowing is deep and lasting, it opens the heart to the reality of Love, Spirit, and Mystery. In so doing, it transforms the initiate into a vessel of grace which radiates into the world as healing awareness.

302 Pages. Size 6"x9"

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