Mark Satin

New Age Politics: Our Only Real Alternative
Foreword by David Spangler

Forget the term "New Age," says Mark Satin in the introduction to this 40th Anniversary Edition of his book New Age Politics. That term was tied to an historical moment. What this book is really about is the new politics arising out of the social movements of our time, among them the spiritual, ecological, feminist, human-potential, and decentralist movements.

New Age Politics was the first book to show that these movements were producing a coherent new political perspective or ideology. Today that perspective goes by many names: green, holistic, radical centrist, transformational, transpartisan. It has made many advances through movements as diverse as the Green Party, Tea Party, and Occupy. But as futurist David Spangler points out in a new foreword, the foundational statement of this still-emerging new perspective was New Age Politics.

This new edition, streamlined and updated for our time, draws on nearly 200 texts, and at least that many late-night conversations with activists. It is all here: our drive for a life-loving new consciousness and better values. Our critique of "deep monopolies" like the private automobile and doctor-dependent health care, not just brand-name monopolies. Our vision of an all-win future that empowers local communities and enhances global cooperation. Our strategy that encompasses both "inner work" (personal growth) and "outer work" – everything from electoral activity to nonviolent action that respects one’s audiences.

Today, New Age Politics is more relevant than ever. In his foreword to the German edition, systems thinker Fritjof Capra calls it "the blueprint for a new politics beyond … left and right," and in his introduction Satin holds up this edition as a "common ground" on which all the real alternative movements of our time can stand. Those who want to steer contemporary movements away from the twin shoals of Marxism and liberalism and toward a healing future that is uniquely their own will find this book especially useful.