William Irwin Thompson

Thinking Together at the Edge of History

When a cultural historian writes a memoir it is likely to be interesting. When that person is William Irwin Thompson, author of numerous book and articles including the best selling At the Edge of History, it is guaranteed to be both intriguing and thought provoking. From 1972 and for 40 years thereafter Dr. Thompson brought together a who's who of leading scientists, avant-garde artists, forward looking philosophers, environmental architects, spiritual innovators and other top-notch thinkers into a free-wheeling dialog. This he called the Lindisfarne Association and with his tireless energy, cool wit, loving heart, and multi-tasking mind he fashioned a vessel aimed at seeding and cross fertilizing a new culture. History will record the impact of his work. With this 260 page book you can bear witness to these events through numerous photos and participate in the goals of this unique endeavor.

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