John Matthews

The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld

This fascinating book by John traces his connection and conversation with a "Faery" or member of the Sidhe community. It is full of wisdom and interesting detail about this "cousin" of humanity. It includes six exercises and a tool of alignment with these beings called the Great Glyph. 120 pages plus Preface. Paperback version 5.5"X8.5"


A Constant Search for Wisdom

"In our time when so much emphasis is on the quick and the facile, the glamorous and the trendy, John Matthews offers something deep and lasting. He bridges the ancient wisdoms of our past and the possibilities of our future. He calls himself a shaman, but I call him a sage. And as you read the treasures in this book, I believe you will as well." David Spangler - large Paperback 7.44"X9.69" 330 pages

Paperback or EBook?

The Moon Oracle of the Sidhe

John Matthews book The Sidhe is a landmark. These ancient "cousins" of humanity come to help us at a time of planetary challenge and rebirth. Now, aided by the exquisitely evocative art of Will Kinghan, John has produced a new landmark. The Moon Oracle of the Sidhe is a 3"X4.5" card deck of 29 and 80 page manual rich with insights and hands-on possibilities. It is an outstanding contribution to the collaboration between the Sidhe and human beings, with all the promise this collaboration can bring for the betterment of our world. This can also be purchased with just the card deck and a PDF ebook manual for $14.95

Card Deck + Manual

Jack and the Wizard

Bestselling author John Matthews tells Magical Stories from Around the World. Material suitable for all ages especially young teens upwards. An adept Magician tells a series of stories to his Apprentice to teach him what it means to be a Wizard. Stories originate from: Wales, Armenia, Russia, Greece, France, Native American, Italy and Ghana. Each story is beautifully illustrated by Deva Berg. - small Paperback