Freya Secrest - Author
Lyra Ziegler - Designer

Showing Up: Practices for a Spirited Life

This 168 Page workbook explores thoughtful actions you can take to engage and develop your spiritual practice in a fresh way. Its energetic, gently challenging and creative activities are offered as starting points for shaping a personal practice and empowered attitude towards life. Twenty-six discovery practices emerge from the authorís life experience and her study of Incarnational Spirituality, a nondenominational view of spirituality that recognizes the earth and all of life as rooted in sacredness. These practices will help you weave your values into your everyday activities. The material is designed to be engaged; the book's spacious layout and playful perspective invite you to make it your own. Its spirited approach will strengthen your resilience in everyday life activities, allowing your essence to shine through in everything you do.

"With wise insights, elegant yet simple practices of discovery, and a creative visual context, Freya Secrest and designer Lyra Ziegler empower us to commit to aliveness in ways that are spirited, uniquely personal and universally life-affirming."

David Spangler Author of "The Call"